Tim Miller to Direct X-Men: Origins: Deadpool Movie

Posted By: Matt McGloin
04/08/2011 - 10:22pm


pic Tim Miller, a visual-effects specialist, will make his directorial debut on 20th Century Fox's Deadpool, according to Deadline.

Miller previously worked on the visual effects for the X-Men movies and has directed video game trailers.

According to Deadline, the title for the movie is: X-Men: Origins Deadpool and may begin shooting in the Fall. Ryan Reynolds is expected to reprise his role as "The Merc With The Mouth," with the script currently being written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick with Lauren Shuler Donne on as producer.

Regarding Reynolds, we know he has just finished Green Lanten, however we also know a sequel is in the works. Maybe he'll do Deadpool and then go straight to GL2? Guess, we'll have to wait for an official announcement.

Rob Liefield, who created Deadpool for Marvel Comics, tweeted the following:

"Deadpool film gets its director!! congrats to all involved for maximizing Ryan Reynolds in his prime! That script is !!"

"It is true, Tim Miller will be directing Deadpool. He's the man for the job!"

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