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Matt McGloin

Thundercats 2011: Snarf First Look



A new Thundercats show is set to debut on the Cartoon Network this year and we already got a peak at what the Thundercats are going to look like in addition to comments from the show's producer.

Now comes a look at Snarf!

This comes from the toy packaging, but most likely gives a strong indication as to what the Snarfer will resemble.

Now, I gotta be honest and say, even as a kid - I couldn't stand Snarf! I wanted the cat-dragon (or whatever the heck he is) to land on one of the mutant's table as dinner! I just thought his character derailed the show as being to "kiddie." This pick makes me think that even more so.

I guess, it is a cartoon aimed at the youngsters - still - doesn't mean it has to be "goofy."

Snarf, Snarf.

Another pic. Click to enlarge.

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