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/ 3 years 13 weeks ago

Thundercats (2011): New Episode 9, "Berbils," Returns This Friday Oct. 28th


picRaise your hand if you despise breaks in your television shows.

Personally, I can't stand when networks -- for whatever reason -- break up a show into two parts, or split a season. Totally takes the wind out of the sail for me.

At times, I discover that I don't even bother going back to the show when it picks back up again.

I can think of a few shows that do or did this: Lost, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, V, etc. Probably the ones I can't recall are the shows I never went back to.

Another of my favorites doing this would be Thundercats on Cartoon Network.

After eight episodes, Thundercats went on a six week break, and now returns this Friday with an all new episode, "Berbils," along side a new episode of Star Wars: Clone Wars.

Of course, fans of the original will recognize the episode title references the Ro-Bear Berbils, which I believe made a brief appearance in the premiere of the new Thundercats earlier this year -- or at least parts of them did (see pic at right). In the original, the Ro-Bear Berbils crashed landed on Third Earth, and eventually helped the Cats build the Thundercats Lair.

Look for a preview and images later this week on Cosmic Book News.

Update: Here they are.

Thundercats airs Fridays at 8:30pm on the Cartoon Network.

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