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Matt McGloin

Thundercats 2011: Lion-O, Cheetarah, Sword Of Omens Figures and Toys


Looks like the Thundercats are ready to go wild as more and more images and info are being released.

We just saw a first look at what Snarf may look like with his toy, now comes two more with Lion-O and Cheetarah. We've seem images from the London Toy fair, but nothing this close-up.

These look pretty good. I'll be honest and say I'm not a big fan of the anime look to this - never been a fan of anime. Though Dragon Ball-Z is pretty cool.

Hey, will the first episode see Cheetarah in her birthday suit? Maybe, I shouldn't go there, but she did don her original skins in the first episode to the original (lol!).

The Sword of Omens looks pretty much the same. That was a pretty cool toy to play with as a kid. Now we'll have another generation saying, "Hoooo!" and "Sword of Omens. Give me sight beyond." They are using those in this one, right?

Thundercats is set to debut on the Cartoon Network in 2011.

Updated: Head on over here for high-res images and an official press release from Warner Bros.

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ThunderCats 4” Basic Figure – Lion-O

Crafted with great detail and quality, collectors and kids can play with or display their favorite ThunderCats heroes and villains in their own environment and recreate scenes from the animated television series. Each 4-inch figure comes with a weapon and/or accessory that is unique to each character and includes an exclusive embedded magnet activation system that allows the figure to interact with and activate unique features in multiple ThunderCats products, including the Deluxe ThunderTank.


ThunderCats 8-Inch Collector Figure - Cheetara

Flash back to the original series with the iconic and classic heroes of ThunderCats with these 8-inch figures. These high-detail figures incorporate many of your favorites from the classic 80s series.


ThunderCats Deluxe Roleplay Sword

Wield the power of Lion-O and become a ThunderCat with the mystic Sword of Omens! With an extendable blade, lights and sounds, kids can let their imaginations roar with Lion-O on his destined path to become king.