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Artist released cool art featuring Marvel Comics characters for Thor 2.
Sorry, Tom Hiddleston fans. Looks like something Trevor Slattery related.
One step closer to a Loki Movie?
Thor 2 hammers home February 25th on Blu-Ray!
But Star Trek Into Darkness makes it?
Already toppling the first 2011 Thor movie.
Clip from Tuesday's episode.
Builds motorcycles and wrestled in highschool, too.
Thor 2 doing well at the box office. Good news for Loki and Thor 3.
Will run in front of future Marvel movies and S.H.I.E.L.D
Some cool deals on Blu-Ray.
Spoilers for the ending of Thor 2!
On track to topple the first film.
Thor 2 off to a good start.
Lawrence offers his review for Thor 2. "Favorite movie all year so far! An absolute must-see!"
Spoiler for Thor 2!
Check out the footage!
More footage from the Thor 2 world premiere.
Another nice spread from Alexander.
On sale tomorrow!
Battle between realms!
Loki, Thor and Stan The Man!
Talks Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel, Benicio del Toro and more.
Kids might be in trouble with Loki!
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Might be a long shot, but could happen.
Good news for Thor 3!
Who should play the Sorcerer Supreme?
A hero returns!
Looks like just a bunch of hype and over exaggeration?
Coulson and the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. pick up the pieces following Thor 2!
Loki provides a special treat for the kids!
Only one more week to go!
Play as Thor, lead heroic Asgardian warriors and fight hordes of malevolent enemies.
Batch of new Thor 2 pics.
At least Marvel Studios is giving Marvel Cosmic some R-E-S-P-E-C-T!
Thor 2 keeping it cosmic! EIC Matt McGloin goes over some Thor 2 spoilers.
Hits next week!
Listen to Brian Tyler's music score.