Posted by: Matt McGloin
/ 3 years 5 days ago

Thanos Not To Appear In New Captain Marvel; On Somebody Else's Plate


996 At the recent WonderCon we heard that Thanos would be appearing some time in the next six months.

With Carol Danvers becoming the new Captain Marvel this July, CBR asked writer Kelly Sue DeConnick if the former Ms. would be inheriting the former Mr.'s rogue's gallery.

"I believe Thanos is on someone else's dance card at the moment," DeConnick replied.

So if not Ms. Mar-vell, who is Thanos intended dance partner?

Could we see the Mad Titan tangle with the new Nova and/or the new Guardians of the Galaxy slated for this Summer?

Or could Thanos pose a threat to the Avengers - but this time for real - as recently Dr. Strange cast a "Thanos" spell in an attempt to trick The Hood from acquiring an Infinity Gem?

Of course this begs the question: If Thanos is to return from his "demise" as witnessed in The Thanos Imperative, does this spell a return for Nova Prime Richard Rider and Peter Quill Star-Lord as well? Doug Smith of the Nova Prime Page seems to think Marvel may be using Kid Nova to build up a bigger Nova Universe, possibly with three books.

Marvel Cosmic fans will have to take the wait and see approach - again - but we are told massive plans are underway.

Surely, the return of Thanos has nothing to do with his rumored cameo in The Avengers movie, eh?!

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