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Matt McGloin

Superman Takes A Walk - Back Into Space!


Just had a conversation about this the other day on our "Skype Party." Some were complaining about the "grounded" direction of Superman. One of the participants was a long time reader of Superman and said that eventually he will return to the large scape epic universe saving stories. Turns out he is right. The DC Blog The Source released the following teaser image - which shows just that. If DC wants to take the top spot from Marvel, they need to do something with the Man of Steel. Having a few cosmic stories here and there is a good way to start. Personally, I dropped all Superman related books after the disastrous end to War of Supermen. Plus, I figured JMS wouldn't be on the titles more than a year. This gives me hope. The Source also had comments from new Superman writer Chris Roberson who stated a few guest stars will be walking along with Clark in his run - namely, The Flash and Batman. In related news check out a preview to Steel #1, Superboy #3, a teaser image for Smallville featuring - Superman and the David Finch Action Comics #900 Superman Cover!