Batman Vs Superman Hub: News, Images, Trailers and More

How about Aquaman?
Silence is revealing?
Similar to a Nick Fury?
23 episodes trumps a feature film...
Ben Affleck, Justice League Movie, Flash, Arrow and more.
DC All Access also talks Constantine and Justice League Movies.
"People are in for a hell of a treat.:
Developing films in the science fiction, horror, and comedy genres...
Cavill with his dog, Kal.
Zack Snyder is a genius.
Dawn of Justice...
Red Carpet event held in Metropolis featuring all the stars.
Maybe not Robin. How about Harley Quinn?
Affleck in pretty good shape for the role. Pics of Luthor's Rolls Royce, too.
Robin said to be female in the script and more.
"Let's have a great Wednesday! xoxo"
Buildings going up for a big production.
Have no fear! The Caped Crusader and Man of Steel will be here soon enough!
Let's go over the rumors and speculation...
Some background on the new DC speedster...
Ezra Miller to play The Flash. Jason Momoa as Aquaman and more.
Get the latest on the Dawn of Justice...
Video of the producer talking about the new direction.
Batman had to tower over Superman...
Ties into Man of Steel.
Playing Carrie Kelley?
Rockin' Batman vs. Superman, Nova and Deadpool art.
Affleck vs. Bale. Here we go...
Ben Affleck in heated exchange with Bill Maher.
Clark doing some investigating?
Attempting to obstruct those with prying eyes and cameras.
Affleck and Snyder had to retaliate!
Twitter in a tizzy...
Super Death and Superman swastikas?!
Watch Affleck dodge questions asked by Matt Lauer.
Another possible Wayne Manor siting.
Not fit for a billionaire, but...
Cavill spotted with his new dog, Kal.
Batman goes Kaboom at the old Detroit train station?
Man Of Steel Easter Egg comes into play.