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Would love to work with Nolan.
Stars as Napoleon Solo opposite Armie Hammer.
Wonder Woman is immortal.
Potential spoilers.
WB to pick what they like best.
Create your own slow-motion masterpiece.
Celebrities voice gift cards for charity.
Opening of movie and more.
In-depth look at the latest Superman movie.
Amy Adams says no cat fight.
Looks slightly blue with gray and black.
Is Keaton jealous?
Better experience with the Batman costume.
Spoilers follow.
Not a big role in the move.
Attended Comic Con in Sao Paulo. Pics inside.
Cinematographer Larry Fong shares the news.
Would Bale ever return as The Dark Knight?
Zeus and Poseidon said to be involved.
Gal Gadot vacationing in Thailand.
Director and producer.
What could have been...
Hosting for the second time in December.
Gunn worried about the numerous shared universes being planned by studios.
The Hunger Games director explains the Easter Egg.
Snyder speculated to film Wonder Woman scenes.
Recap video and pics featuring Henry Cavill, Zack Snyder and more.
Sorry DC fanboys: James Gunn +1; DC Movies 0.
Another Bruce Wayne origin story?
Robert Downey Jr. threw his name out there to direct.
Superman takes to the skies with Amy Adams as Lois Lane
Metropolis will rise again...
Guaranteed BA fun.
Anonymous extra spills the beans! Spoilers!
Death is a big theme throughout the movie.
Quote is inaccurate.
No Batman for Zimmer.
Never say never.
Amell should be Green Arrow, too.
Similar to Captain America: The First Avenger?