Superman does whatever the hell he wants...
Marks the 30th anniversary of The Dark Knight Returns original graphic novel series.
Would the brighter colors have even made a difference?
Joss Whedon, Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner weigh in on the new trailer and hero vs hero.
Cavill talks Justice League, Man of Steel sequel, Comic-Con, Ben Affleck, and WB CEO Kevin Tsujihara talks movie plans.
Check out footage of the new Batmobile from various angles.
Check out the collision of super powers!
Shield and lasso revealed.
Zack Snyder thanks fans for attending the IMAX event with a new Batman pic.
Pokes fun at WB and DC, as well as Marvel.
Check out pics of the swag and details on Superman taking on Batman.
New details on the Batmobile and Ben Affleck's Batman costume.
Multi-picture tentpole deal through 2020.
Watch a promo with NBA player DeAndre Jordan.
IMAX attendees super swag revealed.
Extra shots and swag for IMAX attendees.
Neat retro-style take on the Dawn of Justice.
"For all you audio/videophiles."
Kneel before - Superman?!
Watch video with Crowe discussing potential for a Man Of Steel prequel.
First look at Ben Affleck, new Superman footage and more.
Two trailers, possible free poster, digital comic and Zack Snyder intro with IMAX trailer.
Lex Luthor! Alfred! Justice League! Wonder Woman references! Frank Miller! Tons more!
Classic Caped Crusader movie might be in the movie.
Watch the trailer.
Zack Snyder can't let Star Wars have all the fun.
Check out a new look at the Batman costume and more.
Zack Snyder releases a teaser with info for full trailer IMAX locations.
Regal slips and posts the info early on their website.
Said to be attached to The Avengers 2 as well.
Parts ways with WB over "creative differences."
Talks origin story for Aquaman and more.
"We mixed the trailer today... F*** it's so awesome..."
The new Lex recently appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers talking Henry Cavill and more.
Bringing his personality to Justice League.
Maybe the DC movies and TV universes are shared after all?
"Cyborg Test" pic.
Do we finally have the correct info now?
"Lot of incredible engineering went into the development of the new cowl."