Big fan of the character.
Probably won't be blonde.
Batman will be his own unique thing...
Hopefully the real deal gets released this month.
Playing the Amazonian Mercy Graves?
In development at one time for the XBox 360.
"Rumor has it that..."
Wasn't a fan of Superman.
Emotional and fun.
From a Twitter user who leaked Terminator pics...
Setting up Batman solo movies and more.
Based on Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns.
Joker up to his old tricks.
Oa doomed?
A lot different from the Nolan movies.
Likes the pub better than tea time.
"Now You See Me 2" first look reveals short hair.
Talks Ben Affleck and Zack Snyder.
Talks taking on Ben Affleck and Batman, too.
Enter The Knight?
Who wants one?
Be sure to stay until the end!
Who wins?
Sounds similar to the Krypton opening from MOS.
Amy Pascal rants about MOS.
Battling demons side-by-side Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck?
Would love to work with Nolan.
Stars as Napoleon Solo opposite Armie Hammer.
Wonder Woman is immortal.
Potential spoilers.
WB to pick what they like best.
Create your own slow-motion masterpiece.
Celebrities voice gift cards for charity.
Opening of movie and more.
In-depth look at the latest Superman movie.
Amy Adams says no cat fight.
Looks slightly blue with gray and black.
Is Keaton jealous?
Better experience with the Batman costume.
Spoilers follow.