Ben Affleck says Leahy is quite good in the movie.
Better look at the new Aquaman.
Officially one year away from release.
Zack Snyder comments on the Superman villain.
Trust Zack Sndyer's vision for the character and world.
Batman Vs. Robin confirmed and special screenings of the DC TV shows and more.
Is her supermodel body a problem? And will Wonder Woman be able to fly?
"But at first -- daddy's got to go to work."
Who better than Sheldon to play Riddler?!
Batman Vs. Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman are favorites...
Momoa responds to the DC haters.
"Not amazing or groundbreaking..."
"The only one who gets to brood is Batman!"
"The worlds of DC are very different."
Fit enough to be Wonder Woman?
Set in same universe as Batman Vs. Superman.
Playing the character in Batman Vs. Superman and Justice League.
"And fans never learn. They NEVER learn."
"Henry’s a sweetheart, Ben is a badass..."
Let the guessing game continue.
It's got a different tone.
Starring Gal Gadot.
Responds to fan on Twitter.
Fan reaction is positive.
Attached to Suicide Squad's Will Smith and Margot Robbie's new movie?
"There is only one true King," tweeted Batman Vs. Superman director Zack Snyder.
A fresh take on the hugely popular 1960s television series.
All the worlds are interconnected.
Christina Wren played the character in Man of Steel.
And the wait continues...
Maybe promotion is going to start soon.
Advertiser analytics website has a listing...
Tiffany Smith of DC All Access offers an update. Watch the video.
Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel, stars take credit for Super Bowl controversy.
Big fan of the character.
Probably won't be blonde.
Batman will be his own unique thing...
Hopefully the real deal gets released this month.
Playing the Amazonian Mercy Graves?