Stephen Amell's Launches 3rd Annual F*ck Cancer Campaign

Posted By: Matt McGloin
11/14/2016 - 12:13am


Stephen Amell's third annual F*ck Cancer campaign is underway.

The Arrow actor took to social media to announce the news, which sees Amell sell t-shirts for a limited time through crowd-funding to raise funds for the F*ck Cancer charity. Stephen Amell's mother successfully overcame cancer back in 2012.

This also marks my third time participating as I've purchased the t-shirts and helped spread the word. I also have people close to me who've dealt with cancer, so every little bit can help.

Head on over to to see the new Stephen Amell F*ck Cancer designs, which also includes sweatshirts and tank tops. 

Stephen Amell revealed the following video on Facebook.

"This is a really fun time. The F*ck Cancer campaign, everything we have had a chance to do, all the money we've had a chance to raise, and the awareness and the sharing and the stories make this an awful lot of fun," Stephen Amell said.   



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