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/ 1 year 20 weeks ago

Stephen Amell Teases Green Arrow Justice League?



Tonight's episode of Arrow happens to feature the Batman villains, The League Of Assassins, with the title of the episode named the same as well.

It's possible that Warner Bros. is building a DC shared movie and TV universe as series for The Flash, Jim Gordon and the newly announced Hourman are in the works which could work side by side the likes of Batman, Superman and the rest of the Justice League on the silver screen.

On multiple occassions Stephen Amell, who plays Oliver Queen in Arrow, has been asked about appearing in a Justice League movie or if any of the characters will be featured in his series. Amell has never came out and confirmed an appearance, but has always hinted as such mentioning some sort of team-up looks to be happening.

Now Stephen Amell has taken to his Facebook to offer perhaps another tease in the form of the following image which reveals Green Arrow joining the Justice League in the comic books.

We've been saying here for sometime at Cosmic Book News that WB is using Batman to build an entire universe around as we see the Dark Knight the central focus of the video games and movies. Another fun fact is that in Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel, Batman recruits Oliver Queen to help take down Superman. There is also the added fact that Christopher Nolan green lit the use of The Flash for Arrow.

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8pm ET on the CW.


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