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Stephen Amell Interview Clip For Arrow Season 2 & Will Batman Connect Everything?



The CW catches up with Stephen Amell in the following Arrow interview clip where the actor discusses filming Season 1 in his hometown of Vancouver.

Season 2 of Arrow premiers Wednesday, October 9th at 8pm ET with fans already speculating that it will have a close relationship with the movie universe.

Christopher Nolan is already confirmed to have a role in bringing The Flash to Arrow as well as the fact that the Batman villains, The League Of Assassins, play a major role in Arrow Season 2.

If in fact DC does go forth with a movie for The Flash, I am of the opinion they will not be using two different actors for the role; but will be bridging their TV and movie universe similar to what Marvel Studios is doing with the ABC S.H.I.E.L.D. series; however, in a more connected way.

I believe Warner Bros. is going to use Batman to build everything up just as they are presently doing with their comic books and video games, and as we see they are doing with the Batman/Superman movie. Whether that includes Ben Affleck appearing on television, I just don't know; however, some kind of reference is a definite, as we see here in Arrow with the involvement of Nolan and the League of Assassins. I would even say a Nightwing related series would be a possibility as the character is on par with Green Arrow and would fit nicely into the same universe, without having to directly reference Batman.

I have no inside information regarding this, but "Batman" seems to be a definite emerging pattern, and it just seems like good business sense (and cents).

What do you think? Could DC be creating something akin to the JLA for TV while the movies feature the A-Listers Superman, Batman etc.?

Catch the Stephen Amell interview below.



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