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Stephen Amell Hints Justice League May Duke It Out On Arrow



Stephen Amell has previously let it be known that he would be all up for the Justice League movie, and now offers more of the same in addition to a tease that Arrow could feature the DC Comics heavyweights. With The Flash appearing in this season of Arrow, if the show continues to be a success, Stephen Amell offers that more of the characters could be featured on Arrow.

"I would sweep the floors," Amell told Digital Spy when asked if he would be interested in the Justice League movie. "Any opportunity to be a part of a Justice League movie as Green Arrow or otherwise, it would be really exciting."

Stephen Amell then continues with mention that being a part of the Justice League doesn't necessarily have to mean a movie, and that the Justice League appearing on Arrow might not get along.

"It doesn't have to be a movie," Amell offered. "We are working in concert with DC and the better that we do, the more successful our show is, the more opportunities we are going to get to perhaps have members of the Justice League on our show. So whether they all band together, that remains to be seen. That is a very intriguing prospect for somewhere down the road."

In addition to The Flash, Season 2 of Arrow will also feature the Batman villains, the League Of Assassins. Stephen Amell also previously let it be known that Christopher Nolan green lit the use of The Flash for the series, so perhaps it's only a matter of time before we see more members of the Justice League on Arrow, or perhaps a shared movie and TV universe is even in the making.

"Arrow" Season 2 premiers Wednesday, October 9th at 8pm ET.

Check out more of Stephen Amell talking Arrow and Justice League:

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