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Title: TBA "Star Wars: Episode VII"

Release Date: December 18, 2015

Director: J.J. Abrams

Writer: Michael Arndt, J.J. Abrams, Lawrence Kasdan, George Lucas

Plot: TBA


Boyega says he is aiming for a Marvel role.
The Jedi have been wiped out and the Empire spreads tyranny through the galaxy.
Win a set visit and private screening.
More spoilers or more spin?
McDiarmid has a good idea how to bring back The Emperor.
The Inquisitor is not a Sith, though he does wield a red lightsaber and taps into the dark side.
First Star Wars comic book series reprinted in its wampa-sized Omnibus format.
The Hulk on set is bigger and better than ever.
The Moff's wife speaks up on Twitter.
Check out the full slate of Star Wars events at the SDCC.
"Best format ever."
With Chewbacca or without, this hero was always ... Solo!
Star Wars on Earth, too?
Two newcomers chosen out of 60,000.
Abrams saw a private screening of Apes.
Bots, aliens and more.
The best butler in space!
French promo confirms the character.
Playing a relative of Han Solo?
Abrams directed Cruise in Mission Impossible.
Disney Chairman Alan Horn first hinted at it back in April.
Luke, Leia and Han hooked on a feeling?
Does Johnson have the right stuff?
Not a broken ankle.
Info on the quinjet, a Stark-style party and more.
Disciples of the Sith?
Filming still set to continue.
You know him, I know him, but let's look again, shall we?
Hydraulic door may have crushed Ford.
The actor laughs off the rumors.
May the Ferb be with you.
Shooting will continue as planned.
Said to be playing a secret role.
Filming more movies at Pinewood Studios in the UK.
First look at early footage and behind-the-scenes action.
Lando and Luke.
Similar look to someone familiar?
Get an up close and personal introduction to the newest droid and prankster.
Hamill has met the new cast and crew, creature shop and more.
The Force is strong with Mickey Mouse.