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Star Trek Sequel (2013): Producer Bryan Burk Compares To Empire Strikes Back; Doesn't Talk Khan



With the premiere of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol comes even more news on the Star Trek sequel. Earlier J.J. Abrams made mention how they are shooting in 2D and converting to 3D, possibly using IMAX cameras as well.

Now, producer Bryan Burk talks about the as-of-yet unnamed film and compares it to Empire Strikes Back.

What is exciting about it is, unlike the last film where we were restarting and resetting up all the characters, we are going to jump right in and we don’t have to set up everyone again and we can go right into it. For those who haven’t seen it, go get it right now. We are kind of in a mad dash at the beginning of the film.  In all of our conversations we reference our favorite films and in Empire Strikes Back it is spectacular how they were able to pick up immediately and carry on from the last one.

With this being the second of the reboot ST movies, fans have been debating whether or not including Khan as the film's villain would be a good idea. While of course Burk doesn't confirm -- or deny -- the inclusion of Khan, he does state he believes they picked the right direction.

There are amazing villains throughout the Star Trek universe, as well as new villains as we did in the last film. There are a lot of directions we can go in the film and in this particular case we chose to do something that would be original and unique and different and again on paper I think we made the right choice.

Here's the full clip via MTV. Thanks to TrekMovie.com for the info.

Star Trek (2) opens in theaters May 17th, 2013.

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