While we are waiting for the new Star Trek 2, we may be getting a new Star Trek animated.
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Jonathan Frakes mentions wanting to do work for Marvel, discusses Gargoyles, Star Trek and more.
MTV caught up with J.J. Abrams post-oscars at the Vanity Fair party and questioned the director on seeing more from "Super 8" and his thoughts on "Star Trek 2."
Netflix announced a 2 year license deal with CBS to stream content from their extensive library including the Star Trek related shows and more.
This issue, felt as if I was watching an episode of the original Gene Roddeberry classic. While we are getting inundated with brightest this, fear that, do yourself a favor and pick this up
Check out the differences between this and the tv show. The original pitch for Star Trek from Gene Roddenberry has made its way on to the net.
The object-based exhibition is divided into topic galleries emphasizing themes of science that Gene Roddenbury and other creators of Star Trek explored on screen.
Known to Star Trek fans everywhere as Ensign Pavel Chekov, Walter Koenig has chosen his next frontier to be captured in the pages of a comic book.
Boldly go where no man has gone before - with Byron Brewer! The second in a series of sci-fi movie articles!
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Trailer #3 was released and can be viewed right here at Cosmic Book News.