Into Darkness is another exciting adventure in science fiction, but does it borrow too much from the greatness of the past?
J.J. Abrams running on impulse power?
John Harrison speaks.
Features the characters and Enterprise.
Quinto, Pine and Eve.
J.J. Abrams, Benedict Cumberbatch and more.
Go where no man has gone before a day earlier.
Grab your old school red and blue 3D glasses.
Features some action with Chris Pine and Simon Pegg.
The Klingons unmasked!
Uhura clip.
Vengeance is...?
Enterprise in space poster.
New STID clip.
Carol Marcus poster.
Preview images for the Summer movies.
John Cho stands as Sulu.
Drum roll please...
Abrams doesn't rule out more Star Trek.
Just over 2 hours long.
New starship revealed.
More of Cumberbatch.
7 new posters.
Cool chase scene.
Now in stores.
Underwater/Volcano scene.
Less than a month away.
Not a fan of Captain Kirk.
The enigmatic John Harrison.
Captain Kirk Poster.
Batch of high-res images.
New footage.
New villain poster.
We get on early.
Batch of cool promos from upcoming movies.
Spock volcano suit.
Batch of new promo images.
Check out the possibly future Gamora.
HC will be at MTV.