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Byron Brewer

Star Trek: The Exhibition on display at the Louisville Science Center



You do not have to venture into the final frontier to see the latest showing of wonders from the Star Trek franchise. No, you only need venture to Louisville, Ky., a land Captain Kirk’s portrayer, horse fancier and sometime-Lexington resident William Shatner, knows well.

Star Trek: The Exhibition is now on display at the Louisville Science Center through May 22. The exhibition features sets, costumes, priceless museum pieces and props from all five Star Trek television series and 11 Star Trek feature films, including the latest.

You can sit in Captain Kirk’s chair from The U.S.S. Enterprise. The object-based exhibition is divided into topic galleries emphasizing themes of science that Gene Roddenbury and other creators of Star Trek explored on screen.

Themes include:

Exploration, presenting a timeline of the Star Trek story, including original models, costumes and props.

Health Innovation, featuring medical equipment, props and costumes used by actors on the shows. Authentic objects from Star Trek on display include Dr. Crusher’s costume (from Star Trek: The Next Generation), a tri-corder (used to scout unfamiliar areas and record technical date) and a hypospray (Star Trek’s fictional version of today’s jet injector, a medical injecting syringe using a high-pressure narrow jet of injection liquid instead of a hypodermic needle to reduce the pain.)

Communications, featuring a reproduction of the Transporter Room that can be explored and stood upon. Actual objects from Star Trek include a communicator, a hand-held communications device; the com-badge, an earpiece often used on the bridge; and costumes.

Space Travel, featuring the actual set pieces from Star Trek: The Next Generation and authentic Star Trek artifacts including costumes and Federation, Vulcan and Klingon ship models.


The exhibit, sponsored locally by AT&T, opened to great fanfare Jan. 23 and featured an appearance by Robert Picardo, the holo-doctor from Star Trek: Voyager. Also appearing was Dr, Harry Kloor, director and producer of the sci-fi animated film, Quantum Quest, which made its U.S.premiere at the Louisville Science Center’s IMAXTheatre.

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