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Star Trek Into Darkness Is A Nonstop Speeding Train Of Destruction Says Chris Pine


4707 With today seeing the debut of the nine minutes of IMAX footage for Star Trek Into Darkness, the interviews that were attached with the event around the globe are becoming known.

We just heard from Benedict Cumberbatch talks about not doing to many more villain characters after the movie as well as good friend, Tom Hiddleston.

Now, Captain Kirk Chris Pine offers his thoughts on the movie.

"It is this nonstop speeding train of destruction," Pine tells Access Hollywood.

Chris Pine continues mentioning that Cumberbatch brings Kirk to his knees.

"Benedict is a much colder, cleaner bad guy. His primary weapon is the ability to manipulate and his ability to use psychological warfare on the crew,” Chris said of the character, John Harrison, whom he described as a “terrorist.” “[Kirk is] brought to his knees and has to face his own vulnerability and his own feelings of self-doubt about whether or not he is capable of leading his crew in the battle."

J.J. Abrams then offers that this is his biggest movie to date.

"This movie is infinitely bigger than anything I’ve done before. The challenge was making it feel real and believable and this is a huge action adventure, but nobody cares about a spaceship flying through space unless you love the characters on the ship. We had to make sure you had grounded, believable characters."

Star Trek Into Darkness has a May 17th, 2013 release date in 3D.

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