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Spawn Movie Reboot Might Be Low Budget Directed By Todd McFarlane: His "Passion Of The Anti-Christ"



Spawn fans had high hopes when it was learned at the Toronto Fan Expo that creator Todd McFarlane had completed the script, hoped to begin filming soon and apparently had big names attached such as Jamie Foxx.

Now we hear more about the Spawn movie reboot via Game Rant where Todd McFarlane states it could possibly be a low budget movie written, directed and produced by himself.

This kind of squashes any hopes the movie would be a big budget Hollywood spectacle featuring lots of A-List actors; however, it doesn't necessarily mean the movie would be all bad, especially for a horror film as McFarlane previously compared it to "The Exorcist."

McFarlane lets it be known that the new Spawn movie would have a budget of around $10 million, and with it being so low would feature an unknown director anyway, so why wouldn't he just direct it, as well as comparing the project to Mel Gibson and Passion of the Christ.

My goal to some degree is to self-finance and I know [people] go, ‘that’s dumb and that’s crazy,’ but years ago, Mel Gibson did it with ‘The Passion of The Christ.’  So I sort of call this one, Spawn from hell: my passion of the anti-Christ. In my mind I can do this thing with 10 million bucks and if you keep it small they’re just gonna get an unknown director anyway for that kind of a budget, so I go, ‘If you’re going to get an unknown director, let me be that unknown director.’ Again, there’s nobody that’s argued it – they just go, ‘Then where’s the screenplay? Get it done.


McFarlane also states that the Spawn movie script is not completed, actually not even close as it's only on index cards and said to be a third of a way done.

I’m about a third through the screenplay. The whole movie is built on index cards so I just got to convert it onto the paper but I got like two hundred scenes, you can’t even have that many in a movie… There’s a couple of people that have kind of put a gun to my head and said we want that screenplay no later than December so that we can start shooting next year. So that’s right now [where we’re at] I’ve talked to my people and told them, ‘you gotta find me the time. I gotta get this thing done by December so that we can start shooting by next year. Maybe shoot it up here in Canada.’

A-Listers definitely aren't out of the question for Spawn according to McFarlane.

Do I think I can get some A-list people in the movie? Absolutely! The A-list people have friends that are also A-listers. So if I can hit that deadline in December then we can go into production [and] it’ll be a real movie. Even if its quote-unquote low-budget so that I can direct it, it will be a real movie.”

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