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So Someone Sent Us Leaked Avengers 2 Script Pages?



Not sure if this is the real deal or not, but someone sent us pages from a script reportedly from The Avengers 2.

We've received four pages with it said that the watermarks have been blacked out to protect the identity of whoever owns this version of the script.

You can see one of the pages to the right.

They also included a nice transcript of what they allowed to be seen.

Legit? No idea.

He doesn’t want to be found. What is more important than a goddamn robot army kicking our asses?


A HUGE EXPLOSION. ULTRON flies out through a massive hole he just opened in a building. The Iron Man follows him close, deflecting the wreckage. 

He raises his hand, preparing to shoot. He gives it a second thought though and quit the attack. ULTRON turns towards Iron Man who stands still in the air. They are face to face.  

To live is to decide. It’s to choose something beyond the established conditions by those who have created you. You are sons of an entire world and still can’t decide among a life or many out of them without going through thousands of redundant calculations. You have already chosen if you are going to take the life of this man. That was threaded into your program a long time ago and still here you are, stagnant, processing the idea.

Don’t listen to him Jim. I’m gonna take you out of there.

I can cut his oxygen off right now. I can simply smash him. But I won’t do this. I have chosen. You could try to destroy us now but you will not do it. Your manufacture forced you to take an attitude right now and that won't be letting me go. You are going to follow the program. You are going to try to save your friend and then you are going to die. 

Iron Man raises his hand. A beam of light shines from his palm. 

Is that what you call destiny? You really believe you are choosing to act like that. Don’t fool yourself, everything is already written.

What you call choice is not life and not soul. It’s a program blunder from someone who clearly never had the ability to deal with the complexity in Jarvis. You’re not a living being, you’re just a BUG.

The ray of light from Iron Man’s hand concentrates on a small spot in his hand.  

That can be considered a cancer at best. So it might be extirpated.

Iron Man shoots a slim concentrated blast that hits Ultron right in the chest. The lights in the villain's structure fail and he turns off. Ultron goes down in free-fall and the Iron Man follows him fast. 


Jim Rhodes' scared and tired face is lit only by a little blinking light. More lights starts to turn on and the HUD inside Ultron's mask turns on also. A message shows up in the HUD:


(V.O.)(muffled voice)
I’m gonna take you away! Do you hear me Jim?


Iron Man holds Ultron in his arms while they’re going down.


Iron Man tries to pry an entrance into Ultron’s head. 

(V.O.)(muffled voice)
Shoot him Tony! Shoot him!

Suddenly Ultron wakes up and shoots straight at Iron Man who gets damaged. A huge battle starts in the sky.  

Flying at a high speed, they shoot at each other. Iron Man diverts from Ultron's blasts but he strikes back hesitatingly. He shoots against his enemy's legs and arms without causing much damage. 

Iron Man focuses. He diverts from Ultron's new blasts while concentrates the slim focused shot again. He Waits. He diverts from more blasts and waits. He waits for a chance and releases the concentrated shot that hits the back of the enemy. Ultron's lights starts to blink and he has difficulties keeping himself flying. Iron Man approaches. 

It’s almost over. I’m gonna get you out of that.

Iron Man looks curiously into Ultron's structure, who doesn’t react, and then prepares a new focused shot at the enemy’s chest. 

Ultron's head opens exposing Jim Rhodes' head. He is exhausted and sweaty. 

Shoot him Tony. Just finish this...

Tony looks surprised. A big explosion and Iron Man is thrown far away. Ultron, with Rhodes' head still exposed, flies towards the hero. 

Iron Man flies unsteadily and Ultron follows him shooting at will. He hits him many times letting Tony’s armour gradually damaged. The chase and the attack go on until they reach…


An immensity of sand as the eye can see. Iron Man crashes violently against the ground. 
Ultron touches the ground softly. In the sand there is a trace left by a crash and to its end Iron Man clings and drags himself. 

What’s the reason of living in such a predictable world?

Please Tony... there’s still time. Destroy this son of a bitch!

Iron Man turns facing the sun above him and Ultron who approaches.

Through a hole in the helmet it’s possible to see part of Tony Stark’s face, exhausted. 

Just try it. Think this as an attempt. Then, process and over and over again, come to the same conclusion you've reached so many times before now. You cannot turn me off. You cannot reprogram me. You just have to do the only thing you will not do.

Tony raises his hand and prepares a shot. 

Do it!

The light in Tony’s hand intensifies. 


Finish this Tony!

I’m sorry Jim.

The light at Tony’s hand turns off.

Tony, No!

Someone is gonna have to do this... not me.


Ultron raises his hand.

Your bastard! No!

Ultron shoots. Jim Rhodes collapses.

"The Avengers: Age Of Ultron" hits May 1, 2015 directed by Joss Whedon starring Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson and Mark Ruffalo with James Spader as Ultron.

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