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Smallville Executive Producers Talk - Spoilers!


picSmallville is finally back on the CW tonight at 8pm Eastern/7pm Central - and we are half way through the final season, if you can believe that!

TV Line spoke with the Executive Producers behind the super-show, Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson. They gave us the scoop on what's to come, who to see and how things might finish.

Spoilers, ahoy!

The big baddies return! We will be seeing not only Zod, that we knew from previous reports, but also Darkseid in physical form, Granny Goodness and a lot of others, as well. "Potentially a lot of characters could come back,” Peterson said.

Soulders and Peterson state to counter all these villains, not to worry, as more heroes do show up. Help comes in the form of Supergirl, Booster Gold, and Blue Beetle. “The fans will really enjoy the personification of those characters on our show.”

The Executive Producers hinted that Clark might finally be able to fly. Perhaps, those "Destiny Is Now" teasers have something to do with that?

Sounds like we will be seeing a bit of tension among Chloe Sullivan, Dinah Lance (Black Canary) and Oliver (Green Arrow), as Black Canary is a bit skeptical in regards to Chloe.

As seen in the recent episode, "Luthor," Lionel Luthor will be back and according to Peterson, "Lionel Luthor (John Glover) is back, and he is bad-ass." In that episode a new Lionel emerged in the world of Smallville - from an alternate Earth!

From there, they discuss the character of Tess, played by Cassidy Freeman, who learned just who she is. This will put her at odds with her friends and her birthright.

Clark's super secret identity will see Lois helping out, "She’s kind of all over him as far as how he’s dressing, what his hair looks like… but for a very, very good reason,” says Souders.

The Executive Producers leave us with this!

"There’s a lot of arcs within [the second half], but obviously the main arc is Clark eventually turning into Superman.”

Sounds good!

Check out a preview (or two!) for tonight's episode of "Collateral."