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SDCC 2011: Joe Quesada/Jeph Loeb: Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy




This is just a small amount of info, but noteworthy.

The SDCC Marvel My CupO'Joe Panel is taking place as we speak, and if I am reading correctly, it looks like a fan asked about both Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Check out Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada's response (at the 3:23 mark):

"There are things we are talking about. They will be back bigger than ever. Wouldn't you say so, Jeph?" -Joe Quesada on Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova

Why is this so noteworthy?

Because info leaked out of Marvel that Jeph Loeb is going to helm Marvel Cosmic, back in early 2010.

This was first revealed at the CBR message boards when, apparently, a user was pm'ing other users the info.

And since Joe Q. opened the door, I can verify that this information is correct because I was leaked the information - and all the information about the 2010 Chicago Comic Con - before it hit the air waves!

I was also told both Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy were going on "hiatus."

The CBN offices thought things might have changed, though, with all the recent promotions at Marvel (including Jeph Loeb head of Marvel TV and Axel Alonso EIC), but credit to cosmic fans, they did/do keep hammering away at Marvel in regards to their favorite characters and books.

And now we learn this!

I'm taking this as good news. They will be back!

So there you have it, right from Joe Q. himself.

"There are things we are talking about. They will be back bigger than ever. Wouldn't you say so, Jeph?"

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