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Scott Snyder's Superman Man of Steel Sounds Grounded; Has No Supervillains or Aliens?



The writer behind DC's best-selling comic book, Batman, will be taking on Superman come next Spring.

Scott Snyder will be writing a new Man of Steel comic book that sees its debut alongside the new Zack Snyder Man of Steel movie.

DC Comics co-publisher and superstar artist Jim Lee will be on board as artist, having departed the #2 best-seller for DC, Justice League.

Regarding the movie, we've heard that it will be a different take than the previous batch, being more real as well featuring a Superman that kicks a lot of butt. As we've already seen in the trailer, aliens and spaceships are present with lots of action.

Will Snyder's new Superman follow that route?

Well, Snyder just gave an update about the project to IGN and offered that "it’s not going to be the book where you see Superman fighting a lot of supervillains and a lot of crazy colorful space aliens and stuff like that."

So what will we see?

"You see what it’s like, for example, when a building is falling how Superman has to solve that problem as the only person who can, with a thousand people trapped in that building," Snyder said.

Anything else?

"There’s that element of it where it’s really meant to be that idea of how does Superman cope with being Superman in the world with the giant, physical, bombastic challenges that come day-to-day?" Snyder offered. "How does Superman stop a city from being demolished?"

So no supervillains -- and Superman saving building and cities?

While Snyder says there will be no supervillains, he does offer that Superman still gets physical.

"And he punches stuff!" Snyder told IGN.

And what is he exactly punching, Scott?

We here at Cosmic Book News absolutely love Scott Snyder's Batman, but this description has us a little nervous.

Most likely there is more to Snyder's Superman.

We hope.

Update: Scott Snyder contacted us and said that Superman is "going to be facing a new villain with a power set greater than his, who is going to shake him to the core. Not just buildings [smiles]."

The Man of Steel movie flies into theaters June 14th, 2013.

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