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Matt McGloin

Scott Ian Comments on DC's Demon: Etrigan Series



The DC Blog The Source posted some comments from, Scott Ian, the upcoming writer on the new Demon: Etrigan series scheduled to hit later this year - with art by Sam Kieth.

"Holy crap I am excited to be writing The Demon for DC in 2011! I’ve been a fan of Etrigan since I was kid buying comics off of the racks. Jack Kirby created him for Hell’s sake and now I get to spew Hellfire like it’s never been spewed before. And I get to blow up Las Vegas.

It’s going to be a real vulgar display of power (pun intended).

Thanks DC for sending me to Hell and back!"

Scott wrote last year's Lobo: Highway to Hell with Keith on art and is also a member of the band Anthrax.