Is Robbie Amell Leaving The Flash & Firestorm?

Posted By: Matt McGloin
03/16/2015 - 6:19pm


What's up regarding Robbie Amell, who plays one-half of Firestorm on The Flash?

With the announcement of the new Arrow/Flash superhero team spinoff came word that it will feature Victor Garber as Dr. Stein.

Caity Lotz also confirmed Firestorm for the series at a recent convention.

With news of Dr. Stein appearing, certainly the other half of Firestorm - Ronnie Raymond - will appear (right?).

However, now it's learned Robbie Amell will not be appearing on the new spinoff.

Executive producer Greg Berlanti says there is a a particular reason for Robbie Amell's absence, but didn't offer anything further.

"I can't say why," Berlanti told EW.com.

It seems odd that Robbie Amell wouldn't be appearing as Firestorm as even when Dr. Stein is in control, Amell's likeness is used.

Is Robbie Amell leaving The Flash, with a new actor possibly coming in to replace him which will appear in the spinoff as well?

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