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Chris Bushley

Review: X-Men: To Serve And Protect #1


X-MEN: TO SERVE AND PROTECT # 1 PREVIEW "X-Dudes" WRITER:  Chris Yost ARTIST:  Derec Donovan COLORS:  Andres Mosa   "Creature Comforts" WRITER:  James Asmus ARTIST:  Jon Buran COLORS:  Ian Hannin   "Present Tense" WRITER:  Brian Reed ARTIST:  Pepe Larraz COLORS:  Chris Sotomayor   "The Fracas on Central Park West!" WRITER:  Joshua Hale Fialkov ARTIST:  James Harren COLORS:  James Campbell   LETTERS:  Dave Sharpe COVER:  Nick Bradshaw and Jim Charalampidis RELEASE DATE: November 3rd, 2010 PUBLISHER: Marvel     This was a "purely on a whim" purchase since it was a light week for my regular reading, so I wasn't truly disappointed when it wasn't the greatest read in the world. This was a look at a bunch of different X characters dealing with being heroes in San Francisco. Four separate stories by four separate creative teams and I am glad that three were a "one shot" style because they were forgettable at best. Though the art through all four stories was very well done, Jon Buran' scantily clad women in "Creature Comforts" was the most "eye catching."  While the art was consistent, the writing ranged from sub-par to very good.   The worst story was "Present Tense," a tale of Cypher stopping bomb-wielding Hydra agents. Cypher, a character whose best story is where he died! - spends the whole story running after the villains and "reading" the city's feelings to figure out where they are. A forgettable character in a forgettable story.   Next up was Fantomex vs. Batroc the Leaper, in a story whose title is longer than this review. "The Fracas on Central Park West," which is only the first line of the title, follows Fantomex and Batroc on a quest to see who is the better thief. Tongue in cheek banter and equally as hoaky fight scenes left you wishing Gambit would enter the fray and show who the best thief really is!   "Creature Comforts" has Emma Frost relaxing at a spa when her day of relaxation is disturbed by the unlikely paws of Mandrill, a giant monkey man whose pheromones make females desire him. Yes it was goofy, but Emma's sarcastic attitude and scathing puns at Mandrill's expense made it fun. Plus, Buran's art makes it easy on the eyes.   The best story by far, and the only reason I decided to pick it up, was Chris Yost's "X -Dudes." A fun romp, starring Anole and Rockslide; two teenagers deciding to thwart evil on their own while wearing costumes to conceal their identities. This was a good read filled with goofy one liners and two characters that are living the dream that so many kids have dreamed of over the years. Yost was in rare form for this tale and you can tell he really enjoyed these characters. There was insight as to why these two mutants are doing what the do and it was a solid, fleshed out story. I am actually looking forward to next month's issue to see where the X-Dudes end up next!   Overall -- an okay read but only worth two of the four dollars you will pay for it.