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Chris Bushley

Review: X-Men #5


X-MEN # 5 PREVIEW WRITER:  Victor Gischler PENCILS:  Paco Medina INKER:  Juan Vlasco COLORS:  Marte Gracia LETTERS:  VC's Joe Caramagna COVER:  Adi Granov PUBLISHER:  Marvel RELEASE DATE:  November 17, 2010   This is it! The culmination of five months, thousands of readers, a small band of mutants and almost a million vampires. Victor Gischler brings us the ultimate showdown on Utopia, where only the strong will survive! This has been the best issue of the series, full of non-stop action and some unique ideas on how to combat the vampire hordes. The "tough skin" squad was humorous and yet a realistic approach to fend off their special type of enemy. But it was the use of Iceman that I thought was very clever and had me pondering why no one had thought of it before. Kudos to Gischler for his mutant-centric ideas on how to expel the vampire swarms! Medina's art was as stellar as always and his battle renderings were amazing. Even the undersea scenes were spot on and Gracia's colors made it feel as if the sea had been turned to blood. This artistic team always does a great job of setting the perfect mood for a horror style book. The quick pace of the story is what made this read the best of the series but it is also what hindered the series as a whole. The speed of the battle scenes draws us away from the inconsistencies of the story - now there is a priest on Utopia but there wasn't one to do Nightcrawler's eulogy? - and makes it a better read for keeping the focus on the combatants. We don't have the time to scrutinize the choices Gischler has made in his story as we did in the past four issues. And yes, the battle was great but it took four months to get here, we should have been able to see the battle play out longer than it did. There could have been at least another issue to build up the severity of this war, I mean thousands of vampires swarming a island defended by a hundred mutants? You would think it would take a little more effort to destroy that many opponents! All in all this was a good read with some interesting ideas by Gischler. I just hope there are some more good ideas after the vampires are laid to rest!