Posted by: Byron Brewer

Review: X-Factor #244

Peter David
Leonard Kirk
Jay Leisten
Matt Milla
VC's Cory Petit
David Yardin
Marvel Comics
Release Date: 
September 19, 2012


I knew that as Day 4 of  X-Factor’s “Breaking Points” approached, that the Morrigan would be there in some form or other looking for Theresa. The reveal of the cover of #244 two weeks ago kinda confirmed it.

So imagine my surprise when all the seeds that excellent scribe Peter David had planted, including the return (sorta) of Sean Cassidy, led instead to Terry seeking out the Morrigan -- and with the arcane help of Layla, who knew something like this must be coming because it was a part of Doc Doom’s training of she who “knows stuff.”

I really appreciated the little things here, like the reminder that it was Mastermind who had first made Jean Grey mondo-bozo and there, as was said, was another product of Jason Wyngard’s handicrafts downstairs – an insane Polaris. I also appreciated the sacrifice Terry made for the team in helping unclutter (hopefully) the Marvel writer-strewn mind of Lorna Dane for perhaps the very first time. (Now, Mr. David, a trip for our investigators to the Savage Land and an explanation of Zaladane’s relations with Lorna Dane, would be in order. Besides, I do not think this crew as a team has ever been to the Savage Land for an adventure so it would be a real treat!)

I am also glad, in the closer, we had those quiet words between Madrox and Terry. No explanations from Terry but Alex can fill in Jamie later that Jezebel had told her she had some “decisions to make” in regard to the apparent coming Armageddon of which Rahne’s son Tier is key. But Terry’s real message here was that she had finally, really gotten over the disappearance of baby Sean and she had never really stopped loving Jamie, a payoff for many longtime readers. As she said, now both may move on with their lives.

The art by Leonard Kirk and Jay Leisten this time around as usual is pristine and easy to follow, adding just the right mood whether it be Terry’s awesome but sad transformation, the angst of Alex Summers or the opening insane panic of Lorna Dane. Kudos as always to colorist Matt Milla for sublimely adding to all the effects above, enhancing them as colorists should.

I do not know who will be left in #245 when the smoke clears, although I am hoping Jamie, Layla, Star and Ric will be among them. Oh, and M! No shelf life with that girl!

And there is one team member that MUST remain. Of course, I am speaking of Peter David, who continues to make this my favorite Marvel mag – sometimes twice a month!


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