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Matt McGloin

Review: The Walking Dead #79


THE WALKING DEAD #79 PREVIEW Creator, Writer: Robert Kirkman Penciler, Inker, Cover: Charlie Adlard Gray Tones, Cover Colors: Cliff Rathburn Letterer: Rus Wooton Publisher: Image Release Date: November 24th, 2010   It's always a good day when the dead walk! That is - when a new issue of Image Comics' The Walking Dead is released! Before I left the local comic shop today, I asked the owner if the new AMC The Walking Dead television show resulted in any new inquiries about the comic - heck, yeah! His counter was littered with copies of the new issue, the new trade and earlier releases. Kudos to creator Robert Kirkman for sticking to his guns and staying with Image all these years, not to mention churning out title after title of this, Invincible and a treaure chest full of others. A quick recap may be in order if you are a fan of the TV show and looking into jumping on board one of the best titles on the market today. Rick and his merry band of head hunters, zombies that is (or is it?!), have been invited into a community that is as close as it gets to normal everyday life - life before the Roamers began their all you can eat buffet courtesy of every man, woman and child on the planet! Rick, being the natural leader he is, has surrounded himself with an equal group of people that not only added to the community, but made it better. Last issue we saw the community under siege by from a group of gunmen hell bent on taking everything for themselves. Thanks to the quick thinking of Andrea, at the sniper position, she saved the lives of all the community members including Rick Grimes. However, as we have seen in episodes of the AMC show, the Roamers can hear and are drawn to sound - really loud sounds and lot of it! We get some great Zombie smashing action, something which has been lacking in recent issues, as a group of Zombies has made its way to the gates - not that unusual and some members make way to clear the area outside the fence. Two groups are formed and they make way to stomp, bash, crash and kill every zombie in the local - making sure not to use their guns. Robert Kirkman is the master of the cliff-hanger ending as we have seen time and time again with The Walking Dead. This issue is no different as the end leads us to next issue's "No Way Out" arc. The Walking Dead #79 was another great issue along the lines of great issues. Full of not only a terrific zombie-smash from artist Charlie Adlard, but also some heart-warming revelations and even more twists and turns!