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Chris Bushley

Review: Uncanny X-Force #4

Posted by:
Chris Bushley




WRITER:  Rick Remender

ARTIST:  Jerome Opena

COLOR ART:  Dean White

LETTERS:  VC's Cory Petit

COVER:  Esad Ribic


RELEASE DATE:  January 26th, 2011


Remender and crew not only put the pedal to the metal in their stunning conclusion to "The Apocalypse Solution" storyline, they punch it through the floor! Brutal, high octane action sequences and an ending that literally goes out with a "bang," makes this the best X book on the market today - continuing a trend that Remender started with issue one.

Issue four finds our bad ass X team reeling from the punishment placed upon them from Apocalypse's Final Horsemen in issue three. While they try to recoup and regroup, Psylocke makes her way to the inner chambers of the child Apocalypse and finds it harder to accomplish her task than ever dreamed of. Eventually, our X-Force team stands shaken at the shocking conclusion to their quest. 

Yes, this review is vague, but it is for a reason. This book is stunning, from opening panel through end sequence, it is pure fanboy perfection! I don't want to ruin the experience of reading the best dialogued book on the shelves in any shape or form by giving away too much detail. Remender brings a depth to each character that is rarely seen, especially for characters that are perceived as one dimensional. They are witty, tragic, "over the top," but most of all, Remender makes them "real." Characters conflicted by choices and inner demons, ones that answer a call that few hear and make the decisions that many cannot.  Though Remender's story is compelling and outrageous, it is his focus on the characters that makes it so much better than any other X tagged book.  

Opena and White combine to make some of the finest interior art out there and heighten Remender's story to a crescendo. It is powerful and brutal, bombastic and lulling, the perfect art for the perfect book. It is what fills the story with varying levels of emotion, a true story in and of itself.

I am not forcing your hand to buy this book -- but I would if I could! It is amazing and I do not have enough time to spew forth more accolades, so I will leave you with this comment from fellow CBN writer and movie reviewer extraordinaire, Mr. Napoli --"WOW"!