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Matt McGloin

Review: The Traveler #1


THE TRAVELER #1 PREVIEW Written By: Mark Waid Art By: Chad Hardin Colors By: Blond Letters By: Ed Dukeshire Cover: Scott Clark Publisher: Boom! Studios Release Date: November 25th, 2010   The Traveler #1, the second book from Boom! Studios and Stan Lee hit this week from Mark Waid and artist Chad Hardin, happens to be one terrific action-packed sci-fi oriented mystery thriller! Similar in respects to Doctor Who, but with more of a super hero angle, The Traveler #1 sees a mysterious figure appear from seemingly out of no where with all the answers. In this inaugural issue, a duo of super-powered time travelers unleash chaos among the streets of Virgina with each occurrence being met my our mystery man who has the ability to control or manipulate time. With this first issue we are given a lot of questions with no answers; a common occurrence with first issue Boom! titles. Here, Mark Waid and Chad Hardin hook the reader in as they bait the reader with small bits of information as to what is really going on. You can't help but turn the page wanting to find out more about this traveler, his opposition and his origin. The last page only adds to this feeling of excitement, with the cliff-hanger ending leaving your jaw wide open. Hardin did a wonderful job with this title. His depictions of time travel, difficult to portray in any book, worked well in conjunction with Mark Waid's scripting. The action sequences with the Split-Second Men were full of intense dangerous conflict. The colors were equally done well and I dare say without Blond on this book, it would have not come out as great as it did. The various glow and light effects demanded by a book such as this must not have been easy to do; Blond did an outstanding job portraying all the different forms of energy. Excellent. Compliments to the character designer of The Traveler. We are given clues as to the identity of The Traveler by the various patches and insignia displayed on the outfit which add to the mysterious aspects and vast powers we see throughout. I was immediately drawn to the character, as well as Scott Clark's "A" cover. With the Traveler #1 I found myself immediately vested in the main and supporting characters, as well as the villains, after reading only the first issue. Mark Waid, Chad Hargin and Blond are to be commended - definitely made Stan Lee proud.