Posted by: Byron Brewer

Review: Thor, God of Thunder #19.NOW

Jason Aaron
Esad Ribic
Ive Svorcina
VC's Joe Sabino
Esad Ribic
Marvel Comics
Release Date: 
February 12, 2014


Master Thor storyteller Jason Aaron begins a new arc focusing on both Thor, the Earth Superhero, and Jolly Old King Thor. Both are, of course, superb as the first chapter of “The Last Days of Midgard” is off to a fantastic start.

How to make Thor the Earth Superhero similar to the wonderful Thor the Norse God we have been following and enjoyed so thoroughly in “Godbomb” and “The Accused.” Sometimes even the imaginative Lee/Kirby creation machine had trouble doing this, but those misses are awfully hard to remember these days.

No miss in Thor, God of Thunder #19.NOW as Aaron takes the troll by the horns and wraps his giant-slaying hero amidst the familiar Brian Michael Bendis trappings of S.H.I.E.L.D. And what an enjoyable character we have following Thor (or is it the other way around?) in the dynamic and ocean-friendly Agent Rosalind Solomon. I do not think Odin would have frightened this femme fatale with a monster in a dark cave like he did poor Nurse Foster years ago. Instead, Agent Solomon has a field day making a fool of Roxxon’s new CEO, Dario Agger. (As soon as you see him, you will hate him … in a good way, of course.)

Looks like Roxxon, the quintessential no-goodniks of the Marvel U. super-corporate set, is about to get control of itself and its destiny again, and are up to ... er uh, no good. We also see and hear mention of that old X-Men corp franchise, the Yashidas. Is it possible Thor’s fellow Unity Unit Avenger Sunfire may play a role here? Very welcome if so.

Of course, Aaron could be writing about the Three Bears and it would look most wondrous under the artful pen of the great Esad Ribic, whose art most of the “artists” have been mimicking to great success on his time away from the book. From #1 onward, this book has been beautiful. And I would be lax if I did not mention the contributions of Ive Svorcina. This palette has not failed our Thunder God and has kept things consistent in these pages.

Speaking of pages, thanks for the throwback letters page as well, Jason. Adds greatly to my enjoyment of the book!

Oh yeah, Old King Thor? He gets some interesting supporting characters here, but the big shocker is his space visitor at the climax. Doth “Wow-est!” describe it best?

Great book, with involving story, beautiful art and cosmic scope. And it’s fun to boot!   


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