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Byron Brewer

Review: Thor #618


THOR #618 PREVIEW COVER BY: FERRY& HOLLINGSWORTHWRITER: MATTFRACTIONART: PASQUAL FERRYCOLORED BY: MATTHEW DALE HOLLINGSWORTHLETTERED BY: JOHN WORKMAN PUBLISHER: Marvel RELEASE DATE: December 8th, 2010   Since the start of their run on Thor, Matt Fraction and Pasqual Ferry have been giving us mostly set-up with no meat per issue. Fine in the trades, but I am still a comic book-by-book guy and these small appetizers were not a welcome lot. Still there was promise of bigger things to come, and with a cover bearing the image of All-Father Odin you knew they were coming in THOR#618. And come they did! As the refuse of the slain worlds of the World Tree finally made it to Broxton and Asgard, the Norse deities finally recalled Heimdall’s visions of destruction, visions so great he seems now in madness. After a great Kirby-esque assemblage of ragtags from the World Tree stormed walls that did not exist, Thor dramatically arrives (Loki the Small in tow) and the gods agree that these World Eaters will be stopped at what remains of Asgard’s doors. It is no spoiler, since the cover says it all, to reveal that Odin returns this issue. What is dramatic is the manner in which he returns – and sudden, which, for a Thor comic, is both apropos and blends well into the overall action and atmosphere of the drama ongoing. Now the table is almost set for what I have waited for: a good ol’ slobberknocker between Odin and the Asgardians against Uthana Thoth and his minions. There is revenge at stake, as well as the fate of the World Tree and the rightful “space,” as it were, of the Golden Realm itself. These are elements that once made this mag great, and I am glad to see them return … even if not in a manner at first pleasing. I hope this catapults Thor into a series of space-related battles while keeping Asgard and its denizens in the mix. C’mon, Matt, if Gerry Conway could do it, you can too!