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Byron Brewer

Review: Thor #617


THOR #617 PREVIEW COVER BY: FERRY & HOLLINGSWORTHWRITER: MATT FRACTIONART: PASQUAL FERRYCOLORED BY: MATTHEW DALE HOLLINGSWORTHLETTERED BY: JOHN WORKMAN PUBLISHER: Marvel RELEASE DATE: November 10th, 2010   As I have said in past reviews of this title, I do not like the way these beginning issues by writer Matt Fraction are being put together, and THOR #617 is no exception. It all has the feel of set-up, of bigger things to come … which would’ve been fine for one issue, maybe even two. But at four bucks a pop, I am expecting a little more out of this once-important title by Act III of a promised “Kirby Kosmic” arc; say, what I used to get from Gerry Conway or Roy Thomas or Mark Gruenwald when Thor was around 25 cents or so! I still remain skeptical that any variation of Thor the character would want to bring Loki back into his life. The fact that he has one of the great thorns out of his side, I would assume, would be some relief in the face of the destruction of Asgard, the madness of Heimdall and the rest of the headaches the God of Thunder is facing. What next? Fly into the sun and meld together the ashes of the Sentry? Free Norman Osborn from jail? All that said, the cosmic fan boy in me continues to dig the minions of Uthana Thoth, who seem to be eating up Yggdrasil like cosmic termites. The fact that Heimdall has seen the danger already and Thor has turned a deaf ear to it makes the cosmic carryings-on all the more juicy. But c’mon! We do not need to see each of the Nine Worlds as they fall; we get the picture! Another nugget of brilliance in this “Coming Soon” tableau was the form Loki took upon his return. Could the boyhood dreams clouding the otherwise sane mind of Thor be responsible? I am looking forward to the former residents of Ano-Athoth making their way to where Asgard once dwelled, even as the Nine Worlds’ residents hit Midgard! And could a Grade A slobberknocker between Uthana Thoth and All-Father Odin be in the works? Matt, time to stop setting the table and serving appetizers. We want the meat dishes – now!