Posted by: Byron Brewer

Review: Thanos Annual #1

Jim Starlin
Ron Lim, Andy Smith
Val Staples
VC's Joe Caramanga
Dale Keown, Ive Svorcina
Marvel Comics
Release Date: 
May 28, 2014


Jim Starlin’s wanderings into his bizarre takes on space opera sometimes annoyed me, because they would hop away from the stories he did so well in the 616 (“Metamorphosis” in Captain Marvel perhaps being one of his best, along of course with The Death of Captain Marvel graphic novel).

But in this week’s Thanos Annual #1, Starlin and one of his best artistic interpreters (besides himself and Al Milgrom), Ron Lim, bring us a story focused on the past, setting up the future (we hope) and actually reminding us that once when the House of Ideas folks cared, there actually was meaning to the madness of Marvel Cosmic and a hierarchy of characters to attend to. (Mark Gruenwald, I miss you every year.)

Here in Annual #1, the Mad Titan is shown at the height of his godlike power during his first war with Captain Marvel and the Avengers over the Cosmic Cube. This tale involves Mephisto, an avatar from a future, and lots of wonderful justification of Starlin’s Thanos stories past.

For those like me who lived through those cosmic gems, the annual is a walk in the park, something we seldom get these days. For those who did not, there is just enough material to hopefully make them sad about what they missed coming from a further generation.

I cannot say enough good things about this issue, and it whets my appetite for Starlin’s coming OGN. The fact that he has said it may also be his last cosmic work just saddens me that much more.

Someone at the House of Ideas needs to turn the lights back on!


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