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Review: Superior Spider-Man #5

Dan Slott
Guiseppe Camuncoli
John Dell
Guiseppe Camuncoli
Edgar Delgado
Antonio Fabella
VC's Chris Eliopoulos
Guiseppe Camuncoli, John Dell
Release Date: 
March 6th, 2013


When Dan Slott first started his arc of replacing Peter Parker with the consciousness of Doc Ock, fans were enraged! I, for one, welcomed the change but thought Slott didn't push the envelope enough. Instead it seemed like a watered down tale that amped up Doc Ock's annoying persona more than anything!

Today, with the release of Superior Spider-Man #5, my hunger for a stronger tale has been satiated, though fans will be even more enraged than they were before! 

The tale itself, Massacre going on a murder spree in downtown Manhattan just to glorify/defamate product placement, seems a little forced and contrived. Slott does however create interesting moments as he continues to build upon the genius that Doc Ock brings into the world of Peter Parker and Spider-Man. Using advanced technologies and what may appear as laziness, but in all actuality is a heightened sense of time management, this "superior" Spider-Man may actually live up to the moniker. Slott has this "new" character conceptualizing things the "old" Peter Parker never would have and it is quite intriguing seeing things through different eyes.

Although Slott creates a solid tale, it is the ending that is going to change how both fans and the entire Marvel U. see Spider-Man from now on! Slott pushes the boundaries of what the persona of Spider-Man would and would not do. "With great power comes great responsibility" is the corner stone of the Spidey mythos, but what if doing the responsible thing sometimes leads to more hurt and death? Are the lives of the innocent worth more than the life of a single murderer? Or, in this case, is the life of a murderer worth trying to save just because he finally shows some form of emotion after being caught? 

It is a tough road that Slott has positioned his character on. One that will see ramifications throughout the rest of the series and throughout the Marvel Universe. It is a tale that I am completely intrigued for, one that has actually made me truly interested in following this character till the bitter end.

Well done Dan Slott, you have turned a cynic into a fan!


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