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Byron Brewer

Review: Secret Avengers #7


Secret Avengers #7 Preview COVER: Mike Deodato WRITER: Ed BrubakerARTIST: Mike Deodato COLORED BY: Rain Beredo PUBLISHER: MARVELRELEASE DATE: November 24th, 2010   The action was hot and heavy again as Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato continue to keep the excellence high on this superhero spy thriller. While never losing sight of the underlying plot, Bru keeps us dazzled with action rendered in the Marvel tradition by Deodato while dropping hints – and discoveries! – here and there about the mysterious foes, the Shadow Council. Steve Rogers pulls off another one of those surprises in SECRET AVENGERS #7 which shows why he is not only a great leader but a brilliant military strategist. Just be sure you are ready for – Giant Ant-Man! (I kid you not.) You had better be, because Eric O’Grady sure as heck wasn’t. As Steve, Sharon and Natasha wrap themselves around their search for the Eyes of the Dragon – bobbles said to bring luck to their owner but also part of a legendary spell which may be used to resurrect the dead (guess who? Fu!) – everyone’s favorite Defender the Valkyrie is getting a crash course in black ops undercover work from Steve’s old brother-in-arms, the Prince of Orphans. (Is he a Secret Avenger or not, Bru?) And while so doing, the duo makes a key discovery, both about the “ancient evil arising” and his connection to their covert foe. Apparently the Prince of Orphans and Rogers have been working on this for some time. I have to say that it is a joy to read this book, equally so the second and third times. Then, after an arc is completed, it’s fun to look through the issues again because this mag sometimes becomes a runaway train, it moves so fast. I completed this issue so swiftly, I thought there may be an oral history in the back. Nope, everything is just at a fever pitch here. But do not let that last statement make you think it is a roller coaster of pictures with little plot. This could easily be a James Bond novel, plots are so intricate and intertwined, and I know there is a bigger Serpent Crown/Shadow Council/Mars Cosmic saga lurking somewhere in the background that will make us all salivate. And there are character moments too. Last issue with Steve and Sharon, this issue with Shang/Eric and Val/PoO. I am loving the way Bru is writing Ant-Man! This story’s complexity and spy motif (MarvelU.spy motif, that is) is perfectly captured, of course, by the eye-appealing, exotic art and pleasing panel arrangements of Deodato. Kudos also to Rain Beredo for an incredible contribution. I am ready for a Super-Solder Smackdown next month. So when are tickets on sale?