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Review: Robot Combat League With Chris Jericho


5965 Robot Combat League Is Jericho!

Whether it was the popular former WWE champion as host or geek love for rock'em-sock 'em robots, the new mechanoid reality show slammed down a two-year high for SyFy network with its recent debut episode.

As a lover of both Jericho and battling robots, I can tell you the program -- which pits techie-and-fighter duos against each other in order to advance in a tournament -- is very addictive in its framework and presentation.

Of course, getting to know the team members, explaining the makeups of the combatant robots and the training of the geek and jock duos made up a great bit of the opening episode.

By the time the true battle between the mechanical titans arrived, you were actually starved for the combat, but in a good way.

It will be interesting to see if subsequent episodes can maintain this momentum and if the number of battles increases per episode as the series goes onward.

As for Jericho, he is at his comfortable best in the role of host, giving the knowing contestants and even the TV audience his charismatic wink as he is forced to go through the age-old cheesy parts of being a quiz master.

But it is Jericho's energy that catches you upon the opening of the show and holds you firmly throughout the hour. If he can maintain those huge audiences with his rock band Fozzy, I feel sure he will do well here should the show prove a legit long-run hit for SyFy like Jericho's other home on the network, Smackdown.

The robots themselves have great names and almost personalities that accompany their diverse designs. Gamers and other competitive kinds will dig this show, even if they are not into heavy tech.

Try it one night, and you too will think that ...

Robot Combat League Is Jericho!

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