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Byron Brewer

Review: Reasonably Priced Comics #1


Cover: Ionic Voyaga Writer: Brandon Barrows Artist: Rudolf Montemayor Letters: Brant W. Fowler A pending and historic space voyage gone terribly wrong. The life’s dream of a young, idealistic astronaut gone horribly awry. A world in chaos while one of its greatest heroes slumbers a thousand-year sleep. Sound like a Twilight Zone moment? It is not, but it has the feel of one in this clever script from writer Brandon Barrows. Live the life of Dean Kirkland and what he discovers at the end of a millennium-long voyage to, well, nowhere! More than one of mankind’s horrors are addressed in Barrows’ cosmic tale, and the drama leaves the door open for more episodes and exploration for astronaut Kirkland. Born in current time, Kirkland dreams of making it to the stars. Through hard work and wartime experience, the flyer makes the grade to NASA and, when a U.S.president finally has a new vision for this country, Kirkland is first on board for an era of outer space discovery. Near the 100th anniversary of man’s first walk on the moon, Kirkland prepares to head to a neighboring star where an Earth-like planet has been discovered. He undergoes cryogenic sleep for a thousand years and, as he sleeps and dreams in his modern rocket ship, the world goes horribly wrong. Kirkland awakens to a world he never made, finding that he is an alien on his own birth world: Earth of the 31st century! While a tad busy in places, artist Rudolf Montemayor does a splendid job bringing Barrows’ tale to life. There are a lot of interesting panel angles, facial expressions and the art is rich in detail – if sometimes to its detriment. But all in all, this cosmic saga is well told to the mind and eye through Montemayor’s work. I am anxious to see Kirkland’s further adventures when the next issue hits this spring!   Chu’s World Writer/Artist: ChuWei A series of vignettes about a boy and his girlfriend, the gamer. If you like the funnies in the newspaper, you may dig this. Me? The less said, the better.   Laces Writer/Letterer: Martin Brandt II Artist: Silvina Rinaldi This is one of those tales that makes the hairs on your neck stand up because uncommon things are happening in the common world. We follow some visitors to an Old Folks Home and watch as they attempt to solve the mystery of … missing shoe laces? Yes, that is the white rabbit that takes us down a very scary rabbit hole and offers up some interpretations on the life and times of our senior citizens. Writer Martin Brandt II is very subtle in his approach here, and some may want a more open-handed story. But this likens more to 2001 than Star Wars, and the reader is a part of the tale. Although presented in black and white, the panel arrangements and facial expressions, not to mention the shadings, of artist Silvina Rinaldi take this journey of no arsenic and new shoe laces to a rather creepy conclusion. If you have seen some of the other Brandt/Rinaldi collaborations, this one will not disappoint. A chiller.   To learn more about this "Reasonably Priced Comics #1," go to