Posted by:
Byron Brewer

Review: New Avengers #8




COVER: Deodato & Beredo

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis

PENCILS: Daniel Acuna  

LETTERED BY: Joe Caramagna

Publisher: Marvel

Release Date: January 26th, 2011


Bendis talking heads again … but good talking heads!

Like last issue, this is another great Roy Thomas-feel issue in which Jessica Jones uses her better half as a sounding board to weigh the pros and cons and mom/wife vs. superhero/Avenger.

We have heard this discussion before, but the fact that it is all taking place on what is supposed to be a romantic date night speaks volumes, with both the script and art loaded with humor for those (well, like me) who appreciate those time-honored storytelling methods.

NEWAVENGERS #9 really shows how much Bendis knows these characters and their voices, and his appreciation for the rigors – including a superhero war, an alien invasion and living as outcasts – he has put them through. These characters, including the Thing, have histories that go way back and, as the scribe has said himself numerous times, would probably be together at a party or there for each other even if they were not on the same Avengers team.

The thread raised by the unexpected arrival of Doc Doom – and later the rest of the New Avengers -- during date night is really superfluous (at least at this point) to the story. We have some great action, and Ben steps in (as he should) to add a little personal knowledge about Latveria’s former dictator.

Daniel Acuna steps into this issue as somewhat of a surprise – I had thought it Stuart Immonen’s last – but the story and action unfold flawlessly, and I really love his take on some of the characters. And I must face it: Acuna’s Thing has that Kirby quality a lot of artists have left behind.

But no Squirrel Girl this issue? C’mon, guys!