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Byron Brewer

Review: New Avengers #7


NEW AVENGERS #7 PREVIEW WRITER: Brian Michael BendisPENCILS: Stuart Immonen INKS: Wade Von GrawbadgerCOLORED BY: Laura MartinLETTERED BY: Joe Caramagna PUBLISHER: Marvel RELEASE DATE: December 8th, 2010   After the end of the magical mystery arc, our assemblers in NEWAVENGERS #7 actually get a chance to take it easy (so to speak), breathe as they never got to during their previous series and figure out exactly who and why they are. There are moments of comedy, sure, and moments of seriousness, but the talking heads of Brian Michael Bendis’ previous scripts are no where to be found. These are real folks – folks who, as has been said, had to live like Spider-Man while the world was in a dark place – and now it is odd to these heroes to be thought of and treated as heroes again. A chief example: these Avengers’ reactions, especially Luke’s, upon receiving a pay check for avenging performed. They used to come from Tony Stark; now they come from Steve Rogers. This team is more akin to the Fantastic Four than the Avengers these days: they are friends, almost a family, who went through a hell of a time in Marvel U. history, survived and are now preparing to dispense their own brand of justice as they see fit in a brave, new world. And with the backing of the U.S.government and its top cop to boot! The scenes with Dr. Strange were priceless and the emotion behind them one of this book’s greatest strengths. The search for Baby Cage’s nanny was hilarious. Of course, we all knew who was gonna be selected but all those possible choices were superb! (Hey, Groot!) Squirrel Girl will be an interesting addition to these environs – I hope we get a classic diagram of the new Mansion somewhere, somewhen – as is Jarvis’ stand-in, a total surprise. It will be interesting to see how this team works in the future. Is Jessica along for the ride as a New Avenger or just a background character (doubt that)? Will Spidey and Victoria Hand or Logan and Squirrel Girl be able to co-exist? Will Nighthawk convince this team they are in fact the Defenders? lol Bendis said somewhere about #7 being his “Roy Thomas issue,” and by golly if all these elements are not reminiscent of the times reflected elsewhere in the Oral History section, in the days when T’Challa and the Vision were the newbies. I believe writing this Oral History is the best thing to happen to Brian as he reevaluates and discovers the lost treasurers of Avengers teams past. Great work by Mr. Bendis on this one (more, please?), and of course the welcome and consistently wonderful art team of Stuart Immonen, Wade Von Grawbadger and Laura Martin hit the mark in all areas, as usual. Truly, with this issue, a new era in New Avengers storytelling seems to begin. Now how about another one of those table meetings like Clint (and Cap) used to love?