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Byron Brewer

Review: New Avengers #6


NEW AVENGERS #6 PREVIEW WRITER: Brian Michael BendisPENCILS: Stuart ImmonenINKS: Wade Von GrawbadgerCOLORED BY: Laura Martin & Rain BeredoLETTERED BY: Chris EliopoulosPUBLISHER: MarvelRELEASE DATE: November 10th, 2011   Spoilers! The magical, mystical arc that begins this relaunched title of the Heroic Age comes to an end in NEW AVENGERS #6, but the possibilities for future threads abound – as do endless questions that will need to be addressed by our cast. While one “villain” – Agamotto, late of the Eternal Vishanti – may be cast out, that was done at what cost? The life of the world’s new Sorcerer Supreme. Now that magic-maker is gone, and his predecessor is without his most powerful weapon against the goblins and ghosties that threaten not only our world and our universe but our very reality. Where Stephen Strange goes from here will be a very interesting voyage to watch indeed. Meanwhile, with one selfless act, it seems we not only gained a martyr in Jericho Drumm but a new threat to our assemblers and our world in his deceased brother, Daniel, who blames the New Avengers for his family’s sacrifice. The climactic battle between the mystically powered-up Wolverine and Agamotto in the White Realm was a true tour de force for Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen in their handling of mystical characters in general and the Doc Strange mythos in particular. Especially meaningful were the little artistic homages to Logan’s past as both an X-Man, an Avenger and as a character. Superbly done! The lone downer in this whole adventure was the nay-saying, I-told-you-so attitude of Hellstorm. No wonder Patsy left him! I hope for a better attitude as he picks up his pitchfork in Chaos War. As I said in past reviews of this title, I am loving the way Bendis is handling the spells. No silly gibberish from our mystics anymore, and while I miss the Roy Thomas/Steve Englehart rhyming spells – I really do! – this was, I guess, the next best way to handle it, with hex names and book titles. I think I can say it has never been done before. If Doc does not return to Luke Cage’s little band of Avengers, this is the perfect setup for a new Doc book – hopefully (and I never thought I would write this) by Bendis and an artist with the talent of Immonen. A great look at Marvel Mystic and a humdinger of a way to relaunch one of the House of Idea’s top sellers! Looking forward to what’s next.