Review: Mystery Men #5 (of 5)

David Liss
Patrick Zircher
Andy Troy
Dave Sharpe
Patrick Zircher, Andy Troy
Release Date: 
September 14th, 2011


As I stare at the final page of the last issue of Mystery Men, David Liss poses a question, "The End?" And my answer to him is, "I most sincerely hope not!"

David Liss has dared to create original pulp heroes in a market that is fickle at best and down right vicious at it's worst. But not only did he create something that cannot be contained within the confines of a single genre, he has created characters that are iconic to all genres. Containing aspects of horror, mythology, history, magic and of course - mystery, Mystery Men, is a true renaissance book that is pure and enigmatic in nature. A rare gem in a sea of mediocrity!

The final installment of Mystery Men has our heroes finally banding back together to retrieve the kidnapped children before Nox and her vicious puppet, The General, can sacrifice them. A final battle upon a Zeppelin with fire, bullets, werewolves, heroes and screaming children - makes this story go out with a bang! An all too familiar villain enters the stage and by books end - a hero has made the ultimate sacrifice to save the innocent. 

It is a well paced book with intense action and a smattering of flashbacks to further flesh out the horrific duality of father and son between The Operative and The General. It has a rich and grandiose style, perfect for an ending crescendo that seems to have come all to fast. Liss and Zircher have poured their very essence into each and every panel, creating a tale honed to a razors edge of drama and wit.

So, I implore you to get this book and if you cannot find it, wait for the hardcover to be released. As a matter of fact, if you do get this book - get the hardcover anyway! It deserves to sit proudly among the classics and revered as often as you can. That way we can all answer Liss' question for him, " The end? No my friend, merely the first chapter of a very long novel!"


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