Review: Muppet Sherlock Holmes #4


“Musgrove Ritual?” Writer: Patrick Storck Art: Amy Mebberson Colors: Braden Lamb and Amy Mebberson Letters: Derron Bennet Edits: Christopher Burns Publisher: Boom! Studios Release Date: December 8th, 2010   With this last issue of the Muppet Sherlock Holmes series, I find myself already missing this book more than I thought I would. You never know what you have until it’s gone (or ending, at any rate) they say. As I’ve said before, these stories have all the charm of the original Muppets Tonight show, with the humor updated a bit for the times, combined with a dash of the intrigue and adventure of a Sherlock Holmes story. The stories are good, clean fun for kids of any age. While the series has had a miss or two in terms of individual stories, overall it’s been quite enjoyable and this final issue attempts to wrap it all up and tie the four stories (including the one in this issue) together. The main story, concerning the disappearance of a minor noble’s butler and maid and the mystery of a seemingly-nonsensical note the lord of the manor can make neither head nor tails of, is a bit tame compared to the previous stories. While jokes abound, nothing much happens in the story itself until nearly the end. How Gonzo/Holmes solves the mystery is quite amusing and typical of this series, but after that it becomes a bit contrived and everything from the previous stories tie together a little too conveniently. Still, they had to finish the series somehow and I doubt the audience that is the main target of this book will notice. This issue’s art, by Amy Mebberson, has climbed back to the level of the second issue’s. The spirits of the characters from the Muppet Show are captured quite well, and the settings are both interesting and dynamic. I was pleased to see that the characters appear to be part of their surroundings in this issue, as in two of the previous issues they had appeared to be floating above them, almost as if photoshopped in. As a life-long fan of the Muppets, I’m definitely glad to have read this series. Before this, I had paid little attention to Boom! Studios’s Muppets fare, assuming they were solely for young audiences, but having experienced for myself the newest incarnation of the Muppets, I’m eager for my next fix.