Review: The Mighty Thor #2 (Fraction and Coipel)

Matt Fraction
Olivier Coipel
Mark Morales
Laura Martin
VC's Joe Sabino
Olivier Coipel, Mark Morales, Laura Martin
Release Date: 
May 25th, 2011


The skies over Broxton, Oklahoma are filled with a rumbling in the distance, one that will result in a deafening crescendo. As windows shatter and residents hug the floors in fear, an ominous voice echoes through their ears. Three words bring dread to all who hear --"Galactus is coming"-- is a death knell to all!

Whether you thought issue one wasn't anything special -- Mr. McGloin -- the second installment has rocked the cosmos (Editor's Note: It was! - The Mighty Matt)! From Thor training The Brigade Of Realms, a rag tag group of so-called warriors that couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag, to the single word conversation between Odin and the Silver Surfer; this book was pure excitement through and through! Watching the all-seeing Heimdell fall to his knees before Odin, as he tries to pierce the veil of darkness around Odin's secret, was stunning, if not prolific, to the events happening in "Fear Itself." Finally, Matt Fraction has found the true voice of Thor, so much more so than in the regular Thor series. He is brash, undaunting and most of all -- POWERFUL! Even with the wound he received while recovering the WORLDHEART for his father, he stands stoic against even the might of the Stone Colossus. I have read Thor books for many years now, through the gamut of wavering qualities in both prose and art, and none have brought this much excitement to each and every page!

Though Fraction tells a great tale, it is the unprecedented artistic talent of Olivier Coipel that is the driving force behind the books excitement. The very first page, a full shot of both Thor and Sif standing atop a mountain, sets the stage for a rousing journey full of action and intrigue. No one, and I mean no one, makes a book smash off the page the way Coipel does. Every panel is poster worthy, whether a shaking cup of coffee or a massive screaming giant, each one is outstanding!

The Mighty Thor will no doubt dredge up the question, "Is Thor cosmic?" I have not earned enough stripes of cosmic awareness to truly answer that question, but in my mere mortal, street level sense, I would have to say -- yes! Thor as a character, maybe not, but as a book-- it is a definite possibility. Silver Surfer, Galactus, warriors from other realms and a god swinging crushing blows with a magical hammer? What else do you need?  All I know is this book was a literal piece of art and that's all I need to come back for more. Besides, was there anything cooler than the last two panels of this book? -- I SAY THEE NAY!! 


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