Posted by: Byron Brewer

Review: Mighty Avengers #6 (Ewing)

Al Ewing
Valerio Schiti
Frank D' Armata
VC's Cory Petit
Greg Land, Frank D'Armata
Marvel Comics
Release Date: 
February 5, 2014


It’s the Roy Thomas issue, wherein the Mighty Avengers settle down, decide exactly who and what this team is and will be and, if we are good readers, the writer (in this case, Al Ewing) will let us in on some secrets on the personal side of these heroes.

All that and more occurs in this very traditional issue of Mighty Avengers, and it is both fun and informative, not usually two adjectives you see together for a comic. Ewing has us by the hooks from the very beginning with the wonderfully funny yet soulful discussion between Jessica and the Blue Marvel involving his worldwide responsibilities as a superhero, the things missing in his life (wife, absentee daughter, eating, sleeping … you get the drift) and how you can raise kids on Marvel-Earth.

From there, we explore an interesting framing sequence which eventually involves the Falcon AND Alfred Hitchcock, just marvelously paced and written. The kicker? It leads to the nitty-gritty on White Tiger, who like Blue Marvel also seems to have trouble sleeping.

Danny Rand, the Immortal White Fist, provides some of the comedy this issue along with namesake Danielle. And it’s nice that Ewing picks up on the events of Avengers Arena through White Tiger; using history only makes a story stronger, new readers or not. That is my opinion and I am sticking with it.

As de facto leader, it was nice to see Monica (along with Jen) helping Power Man 2.0 train. The secret? As I said above: knowing your history.

The coup de grace is when the packing (Luke and Jessica have a new Brooklyn apartment) is done, the beers come out and we find out some possibly familial secrets about Luke and Adam Brashear. Cannot wait to see how this goes and if it ties into a wonderful New Avengers piece Brian Bendis once wrote as Cage visited his estranged papa.

And best of all? No Superior Spidey to be found! And this was NOT part of ANY “event.”

Best issue yet of a young, promising series!


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