Posted by: Byron Brewer

Review: Larfleeze #9

Keith Giffen
J,M. DeMatteis
Scott Kolins
Mike Atiyeh
Taylor Esposito
Tyler Kirkham, Arif Prianto
DC Comics
Release Date: 
March 26, 2014


I love Larfleeze.

As Keith Giffen’s failed experiment of a DCU cosmic book Threshold became more and more unreadable, Larfleeze’s backup strip was the only tolerable thing of worth in the whole mag.

So when Agent Orange received his own title, I said to myself, this is gonna be a hoot! And so it has.

And continues to be, and continues to be, and continues to be. And I am afraid we are getting formula rut.

In #9, Larfleeze is trying to make cosmic decisions about his worth with and without the Orange Light while also trying to rescue his butler, Stargrave (who is the best cosmic invention since Rocket Raccoon, IMHO).

It’s all fine and funny, and the art by Scott Kolins is as beautiful as ever. Sometimes, he is the reason the book is as good as it has been, I believe.

But we have seen it all before. And we will again.

Larfleeze is wonderful but needs a shakeup. Something new, something different.

And that is what it gets in its cliffhanger this month. This may be what was planned all along, but writers J.M. DeMatteis and Giffen could not have done this at a better time. At least I hope. We will see next issue.

If you love Larfleeze, you will like issue #9. I just hope it is not similar to #10, or #11, or my buy pile will be getting leaner (as if it has not already).


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