Posted by: Matt McGloin

Review: Justice League #3 (Johns, Lee & Williams)

Geoff Johns
Jim Lee
Scott Williams
Alex Sinclair
Gabe Eltaeb
Patrick Brosseau
Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Alex Sinclair
DC Comics
Release Date: 
November 16th, 2011


DC's flagship title is starting to come together as two more join the fray!

Darkseid's minions are everywhere, and the Amazonian Princess does not hesitate as she meets them head on into battle! 

And she welcomes it!

Another jam packed and all together terrific issue from Geoff Johns, Jim Lee and Scott Williams. While I thought Justice League came out of the gate barely walking with the first issue, the subsequent two have us off to the races! Here we see a very young and eager Diana, Princess of Themyscira, encountering life outside the seclusion of the Amazons for the first time. She experiences sensations she has never felt before and witnesses things she has never before seen. However, all this new exposure does not intimidate Wonder Woman, it only further strengthens her desire to meld with her newly discovered world. And she does it with a sword in hand!

The recently formed super team of Batman, Superman, The Flash and Green Lantern are battling out with the forces seen from previous issues. The ensuing battle sees further development of each character with continued witticism and banter. We are witness to these Justice Leaguers performing mighty feats! It's a homerun!

While we are introduced to Wonder Woman and see the assembled might of the Fab Four, another story is taking place in the background - Cyborg! As we saw with last issue, a young Victor Stone has seemingly been utterly annihilated! However, a spark remains -- just how and why we do not know -- but the spark is there, and Victor Stone will not be the same!

As our heroes battle the dark forces that are present, two more make themselves known! One a force that will be revealed when the time is right -- and another that seemingly rises out of the sea of chaos as a beacon of hope for all!

Johns and Lee have given us another fantastic issue. This is one you don't want to miss!


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