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Byron Brewer

Review: Iron Man/Thor #3


IRON MAN/THOR #3 PREVIEW COVER BY: SEGOVIA & KEITH WRITERS: DAN ABNETT & ANDY LANNING PENCILS: SCOT EATON INKS: MENDOZA, HUET & RUGGIERO COLORS: VERONICA GANDINI LETTERS: VC’S CLAYTON COWLES PUBLISHER: MARVEL RELEASE DATE: Janaury 5th, 2011   Wowzers! Let this issue show those Doubting Thomases among us (you know who you are) that cosmic can be connected to Earth, even happen on our world (Earth-centric is the popular CBN office jargon) and still be incredibly cosmic and absolutely entertaining. And who does that best but Marvel Cosmic scribes Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning? In IRON MAN/THOR#3, the action is turned up to the max by DnA as the penultimate issue swerves the direction of the entire mini-series. While the “trading foes” game is fun and interesting – Thor takes on the Crimson Dynamo inside Diablo’s Secret Hermetica while Iron Man tussles with our favorite Kirby troll, Ulik, amid the mechanisms of the “god-maker” – it is the chemistry between the alchemist and the High Evolutionary that makes this third installment of the tale so special. DnA treat Diablo and H.E. (father of Him, lol?) with respect, not as just props in a play. We know how smart the Evolutionary is – there is even a little origin summary that readers of Greg Pak’s coming Silver Surfer book will probably enjoy – but Diablo is accorded a breath-of-fresh-air respect he has not seen since John Byrne’s run on Fantastic Four. Very clever. Of course, the irony is that the High Evolutionary is trying to create a relative god, a god for this century and beyond. Using a futurist such as Stark as the vessel and a mystical touch of divinity from Thor makes perfect sense, in a linear way of thinking. But depending on an ally who practices one of the oldest forms of mysticism known to man, Diablo, seems suspect from the beginning. And we are correct, as this issue the tables are turned and no longer is the Evolutionary our chief foe but one more element in his own experiment! Scot Eaton is handling the art chores to my delight, and I would love to see his work elsewhere after this series concludes (Editor's Note: You can! In the "Fear Itself" prologue this March with Ed Brubaker! -Matt). The inking of  Mendoza & Co. and the hues of Veronica Gandini set just the right tone for this magic-meets-mechanics mix being enjoyed by these two founding Avengers. I must say I am enjoying this mini, and I hope – with all the Thor material out there due to the coming motion picture – this gem by cosmic masters DnA does not get lost in the shuffle. (Speaking of getting lost, IM/Thor #3 is due out next week, according to all information from Marvel. How this mag came to rest in my Frankfort, KY LCS is a mystery, but maybe the Gods-That-Be wanted you to enjoy an early holiday review, eh?) Happy New Year, Goldilocks- and Shellhead-ophiles!