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Byron Brewer

Review: Iron Man/Thor #1


IRON MAN/THOR #1 PREVIEW COVER BY:GARNEY & KEITHWRITERS: DAN ABNETT & ANDY LANNINGPENCILS: SCOT EATONINKS: JAIME MENDOZACOLORS:VERONICA GANDINILETTERS:VC’S CLAYTON COWLESPublisher: MarvelRelease Date: November 3rd, 2010   Thor! Mordo! Ulik! The High-freakin’-Evolutionary even! Someone contact the Doom Patrol over at the CBN forum and tell them Marvel Cosmic may seem “lesser” now, but it certainly is not dead. IRON MAN/THOR #1 may give us two “Earth-centric” (as some are fond of saying) Marvel U. mainstays, but the adventure they are beginning this issue in this limited series is indeed cosmic with a capital “C.” It’s even written by Abnett and Lanning – DnA!! -- of Marvel Cosmic fame, for “gods’” sake! Yes, for “gods’” sake. For this story, titled “God Complex,” takes the most mythological character in the Marvel U., Thor, and teams him with longtime (wellllllll, until recent days, anyway) friend, Iron Man – the most technological character in the Marvel U. – and together they again make sweet music together “to fight the foes no single hero could withstand.” And this time around, it looks like Goldilocks and Shellhead have their work cut out for them as that great anti-villain from Conquest, the High Evolutionary, returns to a DnA script with powered-up versions of the Crimson Dynamo and Ulik! (Love that troll!) DnA start with a bang as a certain mystic bobble is stolen from around the neck of Baron Mordo (sound familiar, New Avengers fans?) and continues on to the scene of Asgard’s Siege and on to combat with our foes and the beginning of H.E.’s plot – which seems strangely similar to what he was trying to do with Adam Warlock (aka Him) over 30 years ago! (Never mess with no success, I guess.) I am floored by the art of Scot Eaton! What a pleasure to read a DnA adventure actually drawn by a capable artist with clean lines and attention to detail. (You are sorely missed out here in what is left of the Marvel firmament, Brad Walker!) While The Thanos Imperative ends its run – and other things, apparently – this week, we have this four-part epic of derring-do featuring two of Marvel’s mightiest who have never been strangers to the cosmic side of life. (Jim Starlin began his great Thanos Saga in the pages of Iron Man, and “Kirby Kosmic” was born between the covers of Thor.) Now that our players are established, we can get down to the meat of our story next issue and see what these “prime” Avengers have in store. One thing is for certain: if it is as good as this beginning issue, DnA has another winner, winner, chicken dinner on their hands!